About Us

There was a time when people depended on the land and she supplied all we needed. True, we’ve made discoveries that have improved our health and extended our lives, but at what cost? Our additives and preservatives are proving over time to be detrimental to our health.

We at Gran’s TradePost are endeavoring to return in a small part to a more natural way of living. Soaps and Lotions made from natural ingredients, no perfumes or dyes; incense to scent the air in our homes, no chemicals combined in a lab or creations from unknown sources; salt lamps to remove allergens and cleanse our air naturally; and MoJo’s Natural Dog Treats – no corn, soy or wheat and made in the family kitchen with ingredients taken from our cabinets.

If you experience any difficulties in placing your order, please let us know. And feel free to send back comments or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you!

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