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Our basic ingredients for all cold processed handmade soap are Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Soybean Oil, Hemp Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Water, Lye, Fragrance. Our soap contains: NO Preservatives! NO Animal Products! NO Petroleum Products! NO Parabens! NO Lauryl Sulfate!

Sodium hydroxide, lye, yes this is the active ingredient in soap that actually makes it soap. Is it natural? Sure doesn’t sound natural. Is it made by gigantic chemical companies? They sure don’t sound like the kind of companies that make natural products. The chemical process by which the lye mixes with oils or fats is called saponification. Patience during saponification is required. During this process handmade soap turns into a substance that resembles gel. It heats up to 180 degrees fahrenheit, during which the chemical make-up of the mixture changes. When the process is complete after curing, there is no lye (sodium hydroxide) left in the soap. It has been permanently and irrevocably changed into soap.

If you like your soap natural, you are not alone. While there are many mass-produced soaps out there, natural soap is a nice departure from all of that. All natural can smell just as great as those manufactured soaps, but they are better for your skin as they usually are not nearly as drying or as irritating to your sensitive skin. Handmade natural soap can be purchased for those that want natural soap because they have sensitive skin or because they just don’t want to treat their skin with chemicals, which is what a lot of the mass produced soaps contain. If you are looking for something that is clearly natural soap you should be sure to check out the ingredients and be sure that there isn’t anything in it that you are adverse to. Pure and natural soap usually does not contain harsh cleansers or alcohol that will dry out the skin. These soaps can be purchased in health food stores, online, or can even be made by you!

All of our soap now contains organic shea butter! If you need a superior olive oil soap, distinct from all the other handmade soap available today, then we have a great news for you. Our soap making process is completely unique. We offer soap made by exclusive processes that removes any excess alkali for a nice mild bar. Developed over years of carefully adjusting both recipe and process we can truly say we have come up with a one of a kind bar that is un-copyable. If you don’t believe me, that the quality of our product is unbeatable, give us a try.

Happy soaping!!